Monday, August 19, 2013

11 years... Since August 16th 2002

Can you believe it's already been 11 years?
It's been one of my favorite anniversaries yet.
While were in Crystal Bridges with gma and gpa Colby
I made Michael a little " Our Love Story" book.
I just drew pictures of the important years.
Like our wedding- sealing- Logan- moving to AZ- having Lauryn- having Lincoln- graduation- moving to NY- residency- having Londyn- having Louie- and then moving to Arkansas... and now our quest on adopting. wheeewwww. Alot has happened in 11 years.
Anyways so for our anniversary I gave him this book...
and he wrote me this letter.
I loved it.
I loved that we didn't spend any money.  (not by choice mind you...)
But loved that we both made each other
 something that was meaningful to us.
Afterwards we went to BONEFISH.
It was a restaurant we liked when we first came to Arkansas for an interview. We thought it was fitting since we just finished a year here. So grateful to be here. Feel so blessed. 
Love, Heather

 Happy Anniversary My Love Bug!

    We’ve been married for eleven years, today! Can you believe it?! I’m so grateful to have married my best friend and the love of my life, you are my biggest treasure and crowned me with 5 jewels. Her are some of the things that I love about you most:

You love and defend your family from all danger
You make our home a place away from the world
That you’re what a woman should be
You push through barriers - even backed into them a few times!
You’re not afraid of anything
You embody the best things this world has to offer
You’re a fighter - never more proud than when you FINISHED last place
You care about others, but not necessarily what they think about you
You’re courageous - finally broke down and told me your weight!  :)
Refuse to let life pass you buy
That you live for vacations
You’re not a spectator, you love the arena
You’re not afraid to be yourself
You are true to yourself and Heavenly Father
You speak your mind
Super good at making kids - perbv! We have 5 kids, get a TV!
You think even the small things are worth celebrating
You make us all feel special - even when you’re tired of birthdays
Love to fill our bellies with deliciousness
You’re a magician with a bare cupboard
You’ve chronicled our lives as a labor of love - sinceaugustsixteenth!
You focus on the things that count, the little details - like children
You don’t worry about the small stuff - like the house
Your hopes are high
You expect me to perform and push me forward - even though I’ve nearly died, I didn’t!
When I see you are really happy with me
That you care to struggle to prepare the best lessons for RF
That you burn through reams of paper making plans
You love to have parties - because you worry that the kids aren’t having fun
That you are striving everyday to make our kids better than us
That developing talents is a big deal to you
That you love to be tickled - oh wait, strike that one
That we still just like being in the same room together
When you smile at me from across 5 kids at Church
That you didn’t give up when you had Londyn
That you are looking better everyday
That we hold hands in the celestial room
That you have the patience of Job
That we still got married even though the odds were totally against it
That you’ve stuck with me through 5 kids (and counting!), 9 moves, 11 years
That our love grows every year - I thought I loved you then!

There’s nothing in this world that means more to me than you. I love you and am content in knowing that we will spend forever hand in hand. Thank you for being mine, and I’m so grateful that I’m yours!

Happy Anniversary my Love!

                        All my Love,


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