Monday, May 6, 2013

Kansas City

We took a quick trip to Kansas City at the end of our Spring Break of 2013. It was so fun. I love it when we just do things as a family. No stress. Chill. Enjoy the kids.


 Went to Legoland...
Remind me to never go back....
the kids had fun.
Parents not so much.

 The Aquarium was pretty cool.
I'd go back there.

I love my Family...

 Love my Boys!
Louie Loves Loves Logan.

 My favorite part of the trip.
After swimming in the pool the kids took our their Legos and just had fun building their little master pieces. It was so fun to just be together in our Hotel room in our PJ'S enjoying one another :)

Logan and Lauryn left a thank you letter for the janitor.
We ended our trip at Liberty Jail.
Logan said at the end of the visit that he has never felt the spirit so strong before. Grateful that we went. Grateful for family time.


Torey's Travels said...

I like your kids?

Anonymous said...

I love love LOVE your blog! I've been following this blog since 2010 but this is the first time I write u anything back. Your kids are so adorable. Makes me want my own one soon!

And I love the way you devote your time for your kids and give them these precious memories. Not every mum does that. This blog is just beautiful. <3 Keep it going super mum!!!

Lots of Love from Finland, Anna

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