Monday, January 21, 2013

My Little Pony Party- Friendship is Magic

 Saturday we had Lauryn's 7th Birthday with her friends.
She wanted a "My little Pony" party.

It felt like it was her first play date at the house.
I was just as nervous as she.
I wanted to help her make friends.
On occasion she would come telling me she doesn't have any best friends and just misses Chloe. (Her friend from NY)
So I wanted her to have a great time... especially on her birthday.
 We started off with a My Little Pony Lunch.
Oats and Veggies for the Ponies :)
Grapes and Sandwiches.
The girls Loved it!

 Then we took
 "Friendship Pictures"
 Londyn feeling just as special!

Harber Friends!
 Friends from School
 Her favorite Younger friends
 Lauryn's friends from church!

Favorite baby sitters!
 Lauryn's 1st friend here in Arkansas.
Morgie makes us laugh!

  Friendship is MAGIC!
(SAD my backdrop didn't work out.)
 Then we had a Pony HUNT.
(kind of like and easter egg hunt but with ponies)
The sweetest babysitters in the world!
 Londyn cried cuz she wasn't finding ponies fast enough.
all better :)
 Then we had Pony Races...

 They took off all the ponies fast and furious!
Logan and Danielle go down!
Tears and fears...
Logan cried and said... "I wanted to win it for her :)"
 all better

More Pony Races...

Played pin the magic on the pony.

 (I think she had a good time)

 LOVED all her presents!
 Lauryn has the sweetest friends.
I feel so grateful for that.

 Everyone seemed to have fun!
Made my heart feel warm to see Lauryn so happy with her friends.
It was a good "pony day"

Friendship is magic :)

The Birthday Girl!


I can't believe your 7!!!

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Renee said...

I can't let my girls see your blog! Hahaha!!! How do you do it all Heather?!

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