Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lauryn got her ears pierced!

Lately Lauryn has been asking to get her ears pierced.
We were planning on waiting till she turns 8 but decided...
What the heck...
She didn't care if it was going to hurt. 
So this afternoon Michael and I took Lauryn out on a special date.
1st stop... Claires.

Before we left she asked to bring Emma.
Just incase she got scared.
She didn't cry!
 Here is Beautiful Lauryn with her new EARS!

  2nd Stop...
I let her pick out some clearance earrings and some hair bows.
We both have so much fun in this store.

3rd stop
She didn't understand why we thought this was so funny :)
During Lunch....
Mike said he kindof felt like he was intruding on a girls day out :)
Lauryn and I giggled at that.

I love having a girl.
It's so much fun.
During lunch we missed Londyn and just talked about her.
I think secretly Lauryn would LOVE to be the only child. 
She loves order.
She loves quiet.
She loves her time.
She loves all the attention.
She's so big with her big girl earrings :)
Such a fun day. 

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