Sunday, November 18, 2012

link's monkey.

The kids room have been a mess since Naum.

 We kept telling the kids... staring on Thursday to clean their rooms by Saturday morning Michael after countless pleads to clean their room brought out the big black garbage bag.  I was in the living room folding laundry.... and all of a sudden I started hearing crying "No daddy No daddy!" All 3 crying and pleading and screaming "No daddy, Lincoln loves his monkey!" I walked in and saw Michael going to town trashing all of their  toys in the bag. He had enough of the mess.  Link's Monkey... Link's wrestling toys... all of his favorite! Logan was crying hugging Michael pleading for him to let Linkie keep his Monkey. Lauryn crying doing the same.  What was so sweet to me was Logan and Lauryn weren't crying about their toys but they were worried for Linkie. Pleading for Link's toys. It was so sweet, heart breaking, funny... 

They did clean their rooms.

We did dejunk.... 

we haven't given back their favorite toys yet...

somedays you have to have hard times to realize how great life really is.

sometimes the fear of losing your monkey makes u realize how tragic it would be if it was gone. Sometimes the fear of losing something or someone will be a reminder of how you should treat things and people. 

more pictures to come once Linkie earns back his monkey...
(to be continued)

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The Dean Family said...

we're on the same track over here! i've scolded ella numerous times to put her dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket...not just where ever she takes them off...yesterday she got her tv time taken away because of it..this morning her dirty clothes were in the basket!! i also have a story of her chore on my blog...nice to hear other parents going through the same things in teaching their kids life lessons:)

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