Monday, July 7, 2014

Mamma Camp ' This is no playdate!"

Sarah and I were brainstorming one day and decided to do a Summer camp for our kids. She would take 2 days out of the week. And I would take the other two. Surprisingly enough "Mamma Camp" was a big hit. We didn't initially call it "mama camp" till the 1st morning of camp when I had to remind the kids that this camp was no play date! it's mama camp :) Here are some pictures of our week!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kids Tri 2014

We had a late night the night before and at at 11:00pm we were talking with the kids about if they REALLY wanted to do this race or if they wanted to sleep in and have an easy day. They were so sweet and stubborn about getting up at 6:30am and doing this race. It made Michael and I both laugh that we couldn't change their minds. I think we just wanted to sleep in  :)


I love that Londyn is starting to make friends on her own.
She loves her friends:) 


 Watching Lauryn give it all she had made me cry.
I was a little embarassed that I was crying at a little kids race.
I was just so proud of all of these kids doing their very best.


 Logan's FAN club...

 Way to go Logan!
These two like to tease each other taunt each other but on occasion they are so sweet to each other and it reminds me that everything will turn out fine. It seems like when it really matters they are there for each other and really love each other.
 So proud of both of you two!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Logan's Twlight Boy Scout Camp

Logan had his Scout Camp for 4 days the last night we were able to join him. 

 That's Logan's Pre-teen look. 
He is growing up...
He is too cool for school...
Too school to love on his mom in public...
Pre + Teen = deo
and a grown up attitude.

Linkie really wanted all the warrior stuff...
He cried...
Logan gave it to him.
Both boys are happy.
So grateful my Pre-Teen still has his big heart.

SpLaSh PaD sUmMeR fUn

Took the kids to the splash pad the other day.
Love Summer.
Love that we have no real agenda but to do one thing fun for the day and to keep it simple.
YUMMY Watermelon 

 Louie is changing...
He is becoming the sweetest baby.
At the splash pad he kept grabbing Kenton's hand and walking him around like they were the best of friends. 
It made me laugh!!!
Then I thought...
AWWW More baby is turning into a boy and it kindof made me sad....

So here's a true Lincoln...


Ice Cream in Soggy Pants.
This summer went great.
All kids happy :) 

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