Friday, July 24, 2015


Lily turned 9 months this month. She really is the sweetest thing in the world. The kids adore her. They fight over her. And she doesn't know how cute she is:) She loves to be held all day. She loves to crawl and show off how fast she can go. She loves to eat everything and anything. She loves to laugh and she loves her MAMMA! She always does this high pitch squeal. I think she thinks she is talking with us. She is the cutest thing! She sleeps with Michael and I and she likes to nurse all night. She makes me laugh inside when in the middle of the night she wants to eat she sits up and wakes me. She has waked me so sweet before by patting my face so softly but tonight she woke me up by pulling my hair hard a bunch of times till i turned over to have her nurse. She is so smart. This afternoon Lauryn realized that when we cleaned out her room a couple of months ago I threw out her journal and part of her journal she wrote a bunch about Lily. How she loves her nose and stuff. I felt bad. I could tell it meant alot to her. She LOVES her Lily. Londyn LOVES her Lily. We all Love our Lily. I think she makes a PERFECT ending of having babies. I really feel good about being done having kids. However the kids keep telling me that there is one more... But I am going to assume that that's our puppy in Heaven waiting to come down in a couple of years:)

Louie still has his temper tantrums but he is getting better. When he gets in trouble for being mean his response is "Im a good boy!" He is a good boy. Just super intense and he gets angry. But also so sweet. He has the cutest duckling hair. He loves his Na-Nee. He loves his animals.Every time we go to the store he wants to get an animal. He is also working on getting potty trained. The other day I saw him on the pot going number 2. That's a big deal in a little kids world. Louie and Londyn are starting preschool in September so  I need to make sure he is potty trained by then. Lately Louie's favorite color is orange and red. His favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti, mac and cheese and anything that has sugar in it. He also tries to sneak and drink Lily's bottle. Louie is talking more which is helping his temper tantrums. I think he just gets so frustrated with his communication that he gets so mad. And he also is struggling still wanting to be the baby. Logan is such a good brother to Louie. He is so sensitive to his needs. So is Lauryn.  And Londyn. Linkie just likes to kid with him. However yesterday at Hobby Lobby Linkie kept asking me to get him a toy monkey. Which I thought was cute that he didn't want anything just something for Louie. So blessed to have such good kids.

Londyn is the sweetest little thing. A little Peanut. Went school shopping and  her try on some clothes. She is still in size 3T and she is turning 5 in August. She is so fun to be around. She loves being with the girls and thinking she is all grown up. I love watching Lauryn and Londyn together. They have such a sweet relationship and they care for each other. Any time I take them to the store they both put on lipstick. Lauryn always puts on a light lip gloss... Londyn puts on the big bright stuff. :) They talk about Lily growing up and doing girls nights with them. I am so grateful and blessed to have the family I have. Everything I have ever wanted.

Lincoln is a little Ninja Turtle. He has muscles! And he thinks he is stronger then everyone. He told Lauryn he is stronger then her today which made her want to wrestle him down. He loves trying to hang out with Logan. He Loves his video games. Loves Music. Lately he has been asking me to take him on a date. I need to. He loves his Legos. He always said he is ready to go back to school today. 2 more weeks till school starts! He is also pretty good at swimming now. He can jump off the diving board swim to the edge and also he does flips off the board. Pretty neat. He is so funny. Michael said the other day he showed him all these tricks that he could do on Logan's motorcycle. Mike was so impressed and shocked that he could stand up with one foot and have one arm out etc. But it also made him nervous. So he tried not to act to impressed:) Can you believe this school year Linkie is getting baptized! So crazy!  He drew a picture of himself on a mission. I thought that was so sweet. I really want him to go a mission and be a leader for good. He is so talented and easily loved. I want Linkie to use his gifts for good. 

Lauryn Im so grateful to have her in our family. She is constantly helping me. I always worry inside that I am over burderings her with too much to do. But she seems happy to always be with me and Londyn. She doesn't seem to interested in playing with friends. Her Best Friend Chloe came into town for a day and she LOVED it.  When Chloe and Sopie left Lauryn, Logan, and Londyn cried. They love the Harts. I wish she had a Best Friend here but at the same time I kind of like that she gives all of her attention to her family. Lauryn is such a beautiful girl inside and out. She wants to do and be good. Sunday she went in to tell Bishop her 5th article of faith. She knew it. She practiced all week... and then when she went in her mind went blank and we started laughing. Sweet Bishop gave her a candy and said try again next week. So sweet. Lauryn had a playdate with Alex last week. It was so cute. Before they went to the waterpark we walked around looking at the ducks and all the girls just held hands and talked too. Such sweet girls. 

Logan is working on his Faith and God Award He only has to pass off 3 more articles of faith. He is really growing up lately. When I look at him he looks like a strong teenage boy. He is such a good boy and my BIG helper. I can tell he has a strong testimony. I can tell that he is good and wants to be good. I can tell that he LOVES his family and his siblings. I can tell that his Daddy is his Best Friend. He is such special boy and I am so proud of him. Lately he has been mowing the lawn for Michael. that's such a big help for us. He does it willingly and he does a great job. Logan also loves cooking. He made the best baked potatoes. I know that sounds funny but those were the best potatoes I have ever had! Logan also has a funny sense of humor and likes to make people laugh. He loves being social and loves being around people. Can you believe in 4 months Logan is going to get the priesthood and pass the sacrament. I can't believe it. I am so proud of him. And it really does make me sad that in just a couple of short years he is going to go on a mission. Happy/sad. I so grateful that he is the oldest cuz I think Logan sets a great example for the rest to follow.

Michael is enjoying his new job in Siloam. He is learning the new life there. Bums me out a little that  it's a little farther. I liked doing drop bys at his work to give him a treat or to say Hi. But its harder to make the drive out to Siloam if Im not going there to run errands. I love that Michael loves his family and is always always talking about the gospel or politics:) Guess what! Yesterday Lacy said they are moving here. I really hope so. I really love her and think we are going to be the best of friends. I think she is such a good mom. It will be fun to have family close by. Fun to do family traditions together.

Me... Well for the last couple of weeks in the morning I have been playing primary songs (for Linkie and Louie) WE have been learning our ARTICLES of faith (Logan and Lauryn) and reading our scriptures. It has made such a HUGE HUGE HUGE difference in our lives. Kids fight less. the older kids are more confident and happy and the younger kids feel more secure and loved. I can tell that Heavenly Father approves of the services that I am offering as a mom and is proud of me. I am going to keep this up forever. Such a huge difference in our family when we read our scriptures and when we have primary music in our home. It really is amazing how the mothers really do set the tone and difference and standard in their home.
Also Michael and I have started on a work out program of Losing weight and feeling great. Our last run last week was 4 miles. Thats pretty good for me. During the week we try to run 2-3 and each Saturday try to go a little further. We also have dropped out all soda out of our diets.  I am also getting the bug to learn how to quilt. I really want to be able to give away beautiful quilts to my family and to good friends for special occasions. I think that would be super neat. Anyways... speaking of quilt Im going to finish up the squares I started cutting last night. 

oh- still on the look out for a house. it's crazy that we have been married for 13 years and still haven't bought a house. One day..

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mother's Day Flowers...


So Saturday we went to a Beautiful Flower Garden... Each Kid was going to pick one flower for me and we were going to make the most beautiful bouquet. This year we were told we could not pick but we could walk around and enjoy the flowers... While I was walking around and watching the kids play and run away from the sweet dog I thought about my mom and how much she would LOVE these flowers. I started to take pics of all of the pretty ones and decided I would make her a flower book. Cuz she LOVES flowers:) When we left with out flowers in our laps my kids expressed how sad they were to not have picked me any flowers. Just knowing that made my heart beam! I am sure every mother thinks this but I am so blessed and LUCKY to have such sweet and thoughtful kids. They are seriously my Life's TREASURES.

Thursday, April 30, 2015


So we finally got to meet Emma June for the first time.
My kids just LOVE that they have her for a cousin and linkie just adores her. She is so sweet and just walks around so fast and like she has places to go:)  Lacy is just the best mom. Its so fun seeing her all grown up.  Going to have a great summer having them so close:)

Saturday, April 25, 2015


4. SPLASH PAD in Rogers
7. Flint Creek...
8. Hike to Kings River waterfall. (R&C)
10. Kansas City to visit Lacy
11. 5k family run (JULY)
12. Kids triathalon
13. Crystal bridges

15. Fishing 
16. bull Frog hunting
17. Beaver Lake day (AUG)
18. Make a Family plate.
19. Rodeo (JULY)
20. Pick Strawberries... and Make Jam.
21. Make beef jerky. Can chicken.
22. Teach the kids to make bread.
23. Lemonade Stand.
24. Cookie Stand.
25. High Rise
26. Roller Skate
27. Make pickles
28. AG Store in KC
29. Bike Parade
30. Tye Dye Summer Shirts
31. Art Days*
32. shaving cream slide
33. Biggest ice cream cones
34. Pie party
35. movie night outside
36. water balloon fight
37. air soft war modern mision
38. Spa day
39. Make quilt (C&C)
40. Ice cream truck
41. sleep on tramp
42. movie marathon
43. park
44. picnic
45. vist dad for lunch (JULY)
46. violin recital (C&C)
47. Wal-Mart museum and get ice cream. (C&C)

48. Camp in the Back Yard
49. Smores in the back yard.
50. Milk a Goat
51. Pick Eggs from chickens
52. Go Karts
53. Laser Tag
54. Splash Pad in Bentonville
55. Visit Kansas City Church sites  



Little Olympics


Today we went to cheer Logan on at his 5th grade Little Olympics. He did great! And it was nice to see him with his friends. He associates with good kids from good families. I can't believe our Little Guy is ... about to graduate from 5th grade!!! 
So crazy how time flys!

Even Sweet Lily cheered Logan on!

Monday, April 20, 2015

april 2015 update

The kids are in love with Lily... Londyn will never let her cry. or not be held. She always screams "Li....Leeee!" while holding her. And the other day Lincoln was holding her and I heard him tell Lauryn that Lily is going to be famous one day. And Lauryn said... Yea... she is." I told them I didn't want her to be famous.I just wanted her to be a good girl and Lincoln said..."mom she's going to be a good girl, but shes going to be famous cuz she's so beautiful. LOL! So sweet! Last week she turned 6 months.

So Louie is 3... he has been 3 for a couple of weeks... Every day he gets better. Kinder and his temper tantrums are getting easier. He keeps looking big to me. He is so sweet when he is not mad. And Lately Louie is looking so grown up to me. Makes me sad. Time gets faster and faster...

Londyn's favorite saying these days. "Is there anything I can do for you?" She takes after her Big sister and is a great cleaner. She really Loves her friends. Reese, Avaley, Mary, Rachel and of coarse Louie. Shes transitioning to always wanting to be with me to wanting to have more play dates. She's also alot more spunkier lately.

Lincoln is Lincoln. FUN. Thinks he can take on his big brother Logan and doesn't understand why he has to help clean. He also really wants to play baseball. I need to make sure to sign up in the fall.

Lauryn is growing up so fast too. she's taking sewing class from holly. and still is in love with her violin. she comes home every day talking about all of the drama the girls are in her class. shes funny. 

Logan... all about his friends these days. Airsoft and wanting to get a phone. doing well in his boyscouts and is doing really well in cleaning the kitchen and doing yard work.  I signed all 3 up in the summer triathalon excited to see them work hard.

Michael... works hard. HE sure loves his family.So grateful he is ours. 

Me... Im still at my top pregnancy weight and baby is not much of a baby...  I have about 60 lbs to get down to prebaby  like before Logan weight and it doesn't sound fun. 

Starting my running goals today. Goal mwf 1 mile. I miss Kayla. We were slow together. We ran like elephants. We laughed hard.  We got each other. Now it's going to be me trying to dig deep. Ps. She just had a baby and is starting to run again. Proud of her. 

I'll stop rambling. On my next post going to blog my running goals etc.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lily is 6 months!

Can you believe our Little sweet heart is 6 months!!! She is our little mini crawler! She sits up strong and loves to chew on her toys. She LOVES to SMILE! She makes everyone happy just by her sweet baby breath and smiles. SHE LOVES HER MAMMA!! Will only sleep when I am holding her and she wants to be held all day and all night. I don't mind she's the sweetest... she kindof likes rice cereal... will not take a binki anymore or a bottle... The KIDS fight over her. THEY all want to hold her and they all want to be the first to wake her up. She's so sweet and so perfect for us. We love you Miss Sweet Lily Mae.


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