Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Louie! Birthday Morning...


We celebrated Louie's Birthday on Sunday, 
Before General Conference. 

Londyn really wanted to hold the dough-nut cake but we were all a little nervous that it would fall apart or break :)

Louie was so funny.
He was first startled when we all came in singing...
"Happy Birthday..."
Then when we would finish he would yell...
We probably sang it to him 3x.
Hence 100 pics :) 


Him laughing. 
He was such a character yelling at us to sing more.
Such a funny little guy! 

Louie LOVES Elephants!
So for his birthday we got him elephants :) 
 The girls were so sweet! 
Lauryn made ton of letters for Louie.
All wishing him a Very Happy Birthday and letting him know that he is her favorite brother.


Londyn followed her example and made a bunch of pictures and letters too. It was so sweet. She even tried to give him her stroller.

 She read him her "special letters" all in scribbles but Londyn knew exactly what she wrote.
So sweet.


HIS MOST MOST favorite gift was the car he got!
Louie LOVES it!
Grandma Lola and Grandpa sent him this.
He has been on it all day.
It is just so funny how this little guy is so grown up.
He is so funny. 
Happy 2nd Birthday to my tender heart, demanding, speedy Gonzales, all grown up sweet heart that I love so much! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Louie- april 3rd 2014

This morning Louie played outside. 
HE loves it when he has free range.
He is the cutest little thing.
He was so happy to splash in the puddles.
Sure love him
Today is his birthday.
Sunday we are going to celebrate it with him.

Love You!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lincoln's Birthday Morning

Linkie's Birthday table.
These two really love each other.
Every morning Louie is so happy when Londyn wakes up. 
This is how he hugs her. Look at feet. 

Louie especially excited about Lincoln's birthday.

The night before Lincoln had a fever and was in our bed the whole night. Michael and I held him the whole night.

Happy Birthday Sweet Lincoln.

So the kids give home made gifts. 
Lego toys that they build. Toys that they are done with but want to share. Birthday cards, pictures, and money that they have saved.
It was super cute to see the tender notes that they wrote to Lincoln. Made my heart warm to watch how sweet they are. And how much they really love each other. 
Feel  so blessed to have such a kind family.  

 While Lincoln was opening up his presents he looked up and said...
"You guys always give me so much!"
Made me laugh so hard!!!
It was the sweetest thing I've ever heard in all my life!

All morning Louie kept asking for "cupcake"

 He finally got it and was so happy!
He had 3 cupcakes by the end of the day.
Love you Lincoln.
Your such a fun character!
You make life EVENTFUL! 
and sincere.
Love you to the moon and back.
My most treasured and one of my most favorites.
Love you my buddy!

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