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Monday, March 16, 2015

2 KUNK_ and 6 ice cream cones please!

Sunday.... church... clean the house... pick up michael. Easy Peasy!

Church was good. We got there 20 minutes late... walked in and felt all eyes on me. DYING! Walk to an empty church bench and once we got there the bench was full of stuff. So it wasn't empty! So we quickly turned around and went to an empty classroom and started our own little lesson. Kids were so cute. Answering questions. Londyn gave a prayer...  I had each kid sit on my lap and we talked about why each of them were special. It made me laugh... cuz they were acting as if they were in a "real" class. Funny guys. Cinda came in to bring us to sacrament and we had the rest of hour listening to to someone in high council.

After church we got home started cleaning... while we were in the process of turning our home into a palace... i heard the kids scream and Lauryn scream "We got SKUNKS IN OUR GARAGE!" So our cleaning mission turned into a  "KILL THE SKUNKS!" Blow darts out, airsoft guns... missions to kill the 2 skunks. Me and the kids sat in the van while we watched Logan do a "mission Impossiable" to get into dad's camry to start the car... while he was in the camry watching us scream he would scream watching us! It made me laugh!! All of scared of these skunks! Londyn grabbed my face and said "I can't believe we have 2 KuNK! I love that she drops her S's.  

So time to go get dad from the airport.  We haven't eaten... and it's hot. and I was getting a headache. I thought... Hmmmm. I have a head ache... Need to take some ibprofen and drink a diet coke  (that's my cure all for my head aches) and I'll get the kids a ice cream cuz it's fun and its hot. Even though we hardly or ever buy anything on Sunday i thought... ox is in the myer...or kunk are in the garage... right?! 

So.... I went to sonic and got 6 ice creams an one route 44! All happy thinking life was great... once I ordered Lincoln yells your not doing whats right mom. I said... "Well there's 2 kunk in the garage!" I got the cones and handed each one of them their treat... and all faces were sad. They felt bad about me shopping on Sunday. Which made my tummy turn.  :(

 It made me laugh and then sad and then laugh they are the sweetest kids and that I need to be better for them cuz they are so good for me. 

So this is just a reminder that I need to be better and not Break the Sabbath. It will make me feel bad! And the kids do appreciate when we do:)

A week later...

little KUNK left:)

1st.Today the boys wrestled at State. It was a long day. Emotionally tiring. There is something so touching about watching a mother cheer for her son. Today I watched a mother cheer for her son that was wrestling. I could feel her intensity from across the room. This made me cry. Us moms love our kids. We worry about them! LOVE them! Cheer for them! And when they lose a point or in a tangle we hurt for them. Not because we are worried about what other people are thinking of them but of what we feel our kids are feeling. Seems like when my kids are going thru something hard it feels double hard for me. Anyways... Her son was good... Maybe even better then his opponent.. What made this match touching to me was that it was a hard match both boys giving it their all. So when he lost it felt like a crush to the heart. But what was so sweet was when her son lost and the other kid's hand was raised he didn't have a look of sulk or poor sport. He raised the other opponents hand to wish him a congrats. Very sweet. He was such a good sport. Not sure if I explained it correct but... I CRIED! It made me happy to see good kids doing good things for good reasons. There is good in the world....

2nd not such a happy story.... I was watching a father YELL at his son about how terrible he wrestled. It made my blood boil. Father yelling at his kid in front of a bunch of other wrestlers. He made him practice his wrestling moves but he did it with such harshness and I felt so sad for this little guy. He just wanted to make his father proud. AND yes that made me cry. I really hope that I never put that type of pressure on my kids... To expect them to full fill MY dreams I NEVER accomplished It made me sad. And that Dad... well is an idiot. I wish that these hot headed washed up has beens or never was wrestler dads could have a their own tournament and we see how well they do. smile emoticon Its scary to go out there all by yourself and wrestle and... fail... and have EVERYONE see you fail... and then get yelled at for EVERYONE to hear. We parents need to remember that our little loves are... LITTLE lets keep sports fun and Remember why we are doing this in the first place. to have FUN! To become Healthy! Physically and Emotionally Healthy. Check yourself parents.... Sometimes our MEMORY of our past is actual a lot shiner and brighter and heroic then the Actuality. Be gentle with your little guys. They are growing into something wonderful. You don't ruin it. (sorry for the soap box)

3rd. I have to give a shout out to my 6. They were so good for being in a gym for 7+ hours! They were all so patient. I could tell they were concerned for me. Louie did great... for Louie. I could tell he was trying. Lauryn helped me with Louie and Lily all day with out complaining. She's heaven sent. Lily tried not to ask to eat too much. Sweet thing. Logan did his best. He got hurt... and that was a bummer. Lincoln won 2nd in State. Both boys were a little heart sick for Michael Peck They said he directs them when they are on the mat:) They sure missed him!

4th: What I loved most about this tournament... Before they Started they sang the Star Spangled Banner... and Had an opening prayer! That shocked me!
GO ARKANSAS! I think we (I) need to look at our flag more and to Heaven more. Felt blessed to be here.

My phone died half way thru the tournament so I didn't take a lot of pics...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Logan is shuffling...

Yesterday was a snow day. Mike had surgery, salted the sidewalks and came home for a fun filled day with the family. Logan wanted to go to game stop to trade in his old games for new games that will go with his xbox. He has also been wanting an ipod shuffle. Saved up his money... traded and came home with an ipod and a new used game. He felt a little grown up. He was super stressed about getting his songs down loaded so that he could take his ipod to school. While I was adding songs to his play list I made sure to throw in alot of church songs, phantom, wicked, primary songs. And then some legit fun dance music. He doesn't know about the church songs yet. But while he was leaving the van for school he said Mom I can walk home today... so I can listen to my music! LOL! whatever! Mr. Pre-teen growing up too fast. (Going to post a pic of his ipod he saved up for)

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Church was canceled due to snowy iced up roads... I love SNOW DAYS. I love it cuz it turns into a complete surprise family day! We built a snowman... What is it about a snowman that is so magically to me? I don't know and it doesn't make sense but I love it. I feel giddy watching it being built and dressing it up. And my kids LOVE it.. and we were so excited to build one for Lily. It was her 1st Snowman...ever. Big day. A special day.  Dressed up to the NINES with our garbage bags over our shoes. Me wearing my red robe and my moo-moo house dress. Kids wearing socks for mittens and any scarf, winter vest, jacket they can find in 2 minutes. They even turned Michael's old boogie board into a sled and Lincoln and Logan were the pullers. Logan is such a good brother. When he saw Louie dressed up to play in the snow he thought he was the cutest. He tried to make sure Louie had so much fun and that is why he created a sled for him. Lauryn and Londyn were cute to watch with Lily. Everyone loves Lily. They all adore her and it makes me laugh to see how cute EVERYONE is with her. Louie Loved the snowman. When it was almost built he started singing the Cold song that is on Barney. HE LOVES barney. AFte our fun day in the ice and snow we went inside had sweet milk and watched Grease. Michael and Logan went to siloam to check on a patient. It was a great day. Here are some pics of our snow day...


A real man builds snowmen


 A true little rascal has holes in his sweats, and bags on his feet.

 Lily thought it was too bright:)

Happy 37th Birthday to me!

So the other day Logan and Lauryn check this blog. A little disappointed that I haven't really update since summer they informed me that I needed to keep blogging. So back on the wagon....

So we celebrated my 37th Birthday this weekend. It WAS PERFECT! I got my own cake. Michael was in surgery till late. But it really made me laugh that I got my own cake. I love how for my birthday or for Michael's birthday we are so SIMPLE!!! All I wanted was a clean house and for Michael to let me sleep in. He informed that the last couple of months he has been saving up a little here and there to buy me one of my dream lens. Sweet uh? But now that my birthday is here and I can officially buy myself something that is just for me... I didn't want it....

So Saturday morning we all woke up to snow. I got to sleep in and I woke up to Michael cleaning... and phantom of the opera playing. All the kids having a good time. Lily snuggled next to me... It was going to be a good day.

Roads were bad. Lots of snow. Should we go out or stay in? We decided to be true New Yorkers and adventure out to Shogun. It was fun! 

I love being with the whole family. All day long Londyn kept saying "mom- Happy Birthday we can do whatever you want! It's your special day! It was so sweet. I love my kids. They can be nuts but in general they are all super good kind kids. 

So I turn 37 tomorrow...
I have to really say that Ive been so blessed. I have everything that I would ever want. A husband that loves me. That works hard every day to make our future bright. He LOVES being at home. We are his dream and I can feel it. Im so blessed to have Kids that I adore and that Love being in our family. Good Friends. Best Friends that have always blessed our family. Seems like where ever we go we end up making real true family friends that last forever. So grateful that Im developing good relationships with my sister Erika and my brothers.   And the most important thing... Being a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saint. With out the gospel I would feel lost and unsettled. We are certainly blessed. And when life is hard. We can laugh at ourselves cuz we know its just a temporary hard. It will always get better.

So before I end this post. I hope that 37 will bring health, land, and lots of family time. My wish this year when I blew out my candles that ALL of my children will hang tight to the iron rod. That we will hang tight to each other and that we will find joy in this journey...

Thanks Again to my loves that spoiled me with coupons this year. I WILL BE CASHING THEM... yup all of them. 

Here is some pics of this weekend!


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"I promise that if you will keep your journals and records, they will indeed be a source of great inspiration to your families, to your children, your grandchildren, and others, on through the generations. Each of us is important to those who are near and dear to us and as our posterity reads of our life's experiences, they, too, will come to know and love us. And in that glorious day when our families are together in the eternities, we will already be acquainted."
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